Track Your Community Impact with x2VOL+


Use x2VOL to track the volunteer hours you serve in the community! Set your personal volunteer goals, easily track the hours you’ve served and more. Measure the personal impact you’ve made on your community.

x2VOL+ Features:

Set personal service goals and objectives
Challenge yourself and decide the number of hours you want to serve in the community or with a particular organization.

Easily log volunteer hours
Apply hours to your objectives and see your progress on completing your goals.

Get your hours verified
Enter the email address of the volunteer coordinator and they will be sent an automatic email asking them to officially verify you completed the claimed service hours.

Order Official Service Transcripts for college & scholarship applications

Send an Official Service Transcript™ through our partnership with Parchment! For an additional fee you can send your academic transcript to universities with an official record of your service experience. 

BUTTON 1.pngMeasure your community impact with x2VOL+ for $12 per year. 

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How to Use x2VOL+