College Admissions and Community Service

intelliVOL sponsored a study compiled by IESD  surveying 10,000 college admissions officers about their opinions on student community service as a factor in undergraduate admissions. 264 responses were compiled and the results are significant.

The bottom line?

Community service has a positive impact on college acceptance.

Survey Findings

In addition to answering demographic questions, respondents were asked to rank importance to statements about student community service in the undergraduate admissions process:

  • Whether a student’s community service has a positive impact on acceptance to a higher education institution
  • Whether community service details are an important decision maker factor in undergraduate admissions when academic factors are equal
  • Whether higher education institutions prefer an authenticated record of student community service to a student self-report of community service
  • Whether higher education institutions value a record of student community service that includes student reflections about his or her experience

Respondents were also asked deeper questions about why student community service is important in admissions:

  • Reasons why community service experience is considered as part of the undergraduate admissions process
  • Pattern of community service preferred (repeated experience with the same service group or type of service v. a diversity of service experiences)
  • Relative value of five categories of community service
  • Additional categories of community service that are highly valued in the undergraduate admissions process (open response)

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