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Posted by x2VOL on Mar 9, 2015 9:52:00 AM
About x2VOL
*Pictured above: Founder & CEO Michele Pitman with her father.

Our founder, Michele Pitman, was inspired by her father's request to help one family for Christmas in 2006. She realized that she didn't know a single family that needed help. This realization was unacceptable. She and her family decided to volunteer 100 hours. They searched for opportunities and tracked their time for one year and reported the results back to her father.

This process of volunteering and reporting revealed a need.

There was no way to set a goal, find opportunities, log hours, verify them and report results. This is how the idea for x2VOL was born. Michele called upon her colleagues to become co-founders to develop a solution for education, municipalities, corporations and religious organizations. They launched in education first in 2009 and worked with counselors, principals, parents, students and nonprofit organizations to develop the first platform to find approved organizations, track, report, approve and verify hours. Today x2VOL has won several awards in education and is being used in public and private schools and districts across the US.

Since 2009 we have been committed to serving our customers. Our team is comprised of caring employees who specialize in service programs. They share best practices. They work with every customer to understand their service program so that x2VOL works for their school. They listen to feedback and work with the technology team so that our customers are heard.

Our goal is to serve others. To serve our schools and their students. We want to make it easier for students to positively impact the world. We provide an unlimited reflections field so students can capture the details of their experiences. We know students are transformed by volunteering and x2VOL assists in capturing their stories.

Today, over 30 million hours have been logged by students. And over 4 million hours have been approved by school administrators. We are proud to connect schools, students and local opportunities.

If you are a current customer, thank you. We grow by word of mouth and we would appreciate your referral.

If you'd like to know more about x2VOL we'd love to talk to you. Email our founder at


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