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Back to School Tips and Tricks for Students

Posted by x2VOL on Aug 27, 2018 4:13:54 PM

Back to School Tips and Tricks for Students

School is back in action! You might be more or less excited about getting back into the school grind, but there are some things you can do to set yourself up for success as you start this new semester:

  • Shop for your favorite school supplies: Who doesn’t like to parade down the aisles of pens, notebooks, and binders! Treat yourself to your favorite school supplies to get you excited about taking class notes and getting your homework done.
  • Memorize your class schedule: Don’t get stuck in between classes not knowing where you are going to next! Memorization is key.
  • Summer reading: Did you have a summer reading assignment? Don’t forget to buckle down and finish those books and any outstanding assignments!
  • Get organized: Label your binder dividers or have a folder for each class to stay organized throughout the year.
  • Log your summer service hours in x2VOL: If you volunteered in your community this summer, be sure to log your volunteer hours in x2VOL so you can receive credit toward your goals. 
  • Order an Official Service Transcript™: Are you applying for college this fall? After your log your summer hours, order an Official Service Transcript through your x2VOL account that you can send directly to college admissions officers. It includes your service experience and reflections. 

With these tips, you will certainly start your new school year off on the right foot! Don't forget to keep serving your community throughout the school year! When you're finished with each opportunity, be sure to log your hours in x2VOL and write a meaningful reflection on what you learned. 

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