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Simplifying the Service Side of National Honor Society (NHS)

Posted by Michele Pitman on Mar 30, 2017 10:25:18 AM

Community service is an important aspect of National Honor Society membership. In fact, it is part of the NHS motto: “Scholarship, leadership, character, and service.” To honor this motto, many high schools require their NHS members to take part in a certain number of service hours each year.

Service puts leadership and character into action. Service transcripts are the evidence of of this action.

Paper forms are lost and physical signatures can be falsified, but with x2VOL, the entire process is simplified, digital and auditable.

Jeff Schroeder, math curriculum director and National Honor Society sponsor for Westside High School in Houston, describes his old process for documenting students’ service hours as “a big mess of paper.”

“I would be getting slips of paper all the time, every day, where students had some sort of signature verifying their service hours for different activities,” he says. “I’d hand all those papers to one of the NHS leaders, and they’d put the information into a database.”

Not only has x2VOL improved the tracking of NHS service hours at Westside, it has made it easier for students to find opportunities to volunteer and to get their service hours approved. Furthermore, it has improved communication between Schroeder and NHS participants.

“I would say it has revolutionized how we run the program,” Schroeder says.

See what NHS and NJHS Sponsors are saying about x2VOL.

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Set Goals. Track Progress. Pull Reports.

With x2VOL, students can track service hours and school administrators can establish service goals and reporting.

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Tracking High School Service Hours