10 Service Opportunities To Do This Summer

Posted by x2VOL on May 22, 2019 10:45:08 AM

Summer Service Opportunities

Summer is the perfect time of year for students to spend some serious time serving in their community. There are so many different places and groups of people for students to serve. Check out these summer service opportunities:

  • Summer Camp
    Summer camps are a great way to really get to know an organization and serve the attendees for a longer time period. Find summer caps in your state and volunteer to be a camp counselor, an activity coordinator, etc. 
  • Homeless Shelter
    As the homeless are seeking shelter from the summer heat, remind your students they can serve at homeless shelters in your area. Students can make a difference by serving meals, preparing sleeping arrangements, or just conversing with those seeking help and shelter.
  • Local Community Center
    There are opportunities for students right in your own back yard. Serve at the local community center by teaching children's art classes, facilitating activities, planning park days, etc. Students get to serve others in their very own neighborhood. 
  • National Park
    Take advantage of your proximity to great American wonders and serve at a national park. Lead hikes, clean up parks, or plan activities in the park. There are so many different ways to volunteer while getting to enjoy the great outdoors. 
  • Local Library
    Get out of the summer heat and spend some quiet hours volunteering at your local library. Sort books, swipe cards, or help people find their favorite novel. And while you're there, take advantage of the books and make a summer reading list for yourself. 
  • Car Wash
    Students can enjoy the outdoors and the sun by organizing a car wash in their community and donate all of the proceeds to a local charity. 
  • Volunteer Abroad
    Don't be afraid to get out of your own back yard during the summer months. Find a volunteer organization or cause that you are passionate about in another country. You not only get the experience of serving others over the summer, but you have the ability to explore a new country and experience a different type of culture giving you a truly well-rounded experience. 
  • Serving Elderly Neighbors
    Students can serve elders in their neighborhood by watering their flowers, cutting their lawn, and helping maintain their homes so seniors can avoid the harsh summer heat. 
  • Student Created Service Project
    Encourage your students to get creative. They can start a service project around a cause they care about or by using a skill they have. During the summer months, students have the extra time to dive into something they are passionate about. 
  • Clean Up Projects
    While enjoying being outdoors in the summer, students can do local clean up projects. Whether it's planting new things in a local park or cleaning up local creaks and rivers, students passionate about the earth can make their neighborhood that much cleaner.

Be sure to encourage your students to log their hours in x2VOL and write meaningful reflections about their experience. 

Applying for College in the Fall?
Students can leverage those summer volunteer hours on their college applications. Remind your students of their Official Service Transcript. Log in to x2VOL, click the Official Service Transcript tab and follow the instructions to send the OST directly to college admissions officials. 

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