5 Tips for Implementing a Student Service Program

Posted by x2VOL on May 11, 2015 4:05:00 PM

Ann Richards SchoolBy Doy Roberts, STARS Teacher, The Ann Richard’s School for Young Women Leaders

The Ann Richard’s School for Young Women Leaders has developed program called Success Through Academics, Resiliency and Service (STARS) that begins in sixth grade. Doy Roberts is an original STARS teacher who shaped the program over the last 6 years. Here are a few tips and tricks Doy shares if your school or district is considering starting a service program:

1. Establish guidelines and expectations. Service guidelines help students explore interests. Encourage students to focus on broad experiences when they are in middle school and then they can focus on deepening interests in high school.

2. Provide on-campus service activities so younger students are able to volunteer at school

3. Engage local nonprofit organizations so they can provide volunteer opportunities for your students

4. Teach students’ accountability through learning to log their hour’s and record accurate activity contact information for verification

5. Teach students to express themselves through service reflections

6. Talk to students about the service they do. Keeping track of service hours is great but in the end it’s the impact that really transforms a student. Talk to them about their most impactful experiences.

Remember, your service program is always a work in progress!
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