Steps to Re-Engage Students in Service & Increase Motivation

Posted by x2VOL on Jun 23, 2022 2:59:10 PM

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There has been a significant loss of learning and development due to the pandemic. However, as the world emerges from the pandemic and students are able to return to a more typical education experience, there is a great opportunity for educators to help motivate students and re-engage students in service. 

As students heal from the impact of the pandemic and get settled in their new normal, it can be a challenge for them to feel the motivation to participate in extracurriculars and service. 

Service to others has been proven to:

  • Increase social emotional learning 
  • Improve student outcomes 
  • Make a more well-rounded student 
  • Bring joy and healing 
  • Expose volunteers to new skills or areas of interest
  • Widen their world view 

Spending time in service to others allows students to develop and grow in ways they might not experience solely in the classroom. Personal development and social emotional learning are vital components in a student's education ensuring they become well-rounded individuals. 

While service is important piece in a student's education, it begs the question how do we engage students in another activity while they are already experiencing burn out? 

Students are feeling the after effects of the pandemic. Burn out is high, lack of motivation is playing a huge role, and students might be feeling overwhelmed with the catch up they must do during this time. 

Two important things stand out here: helping someone else brings joy and service is an incredible way to heal from the disruptions of the past two years.

Here are some tangible and actionable ways to provide resources for your students and help them re-engage on their campus and in their community:

  • NONPROFIT FAIR: Host a nonprofit fair where students can be introduced to causes and nonprofit organizations looking for volunteers 
  • WRITE REFLECTIONS: Encourage or require to write reflections on their service experiences - this allows them to discover the joy in service
  • LEVERAGE SKILLS: Help students recognize their unique skills and talents. This can be a huge motivator for students to serve as they are gaining more confidence using their particular circumstances or skills to help someone else 
  • NONPROFIT ENGAGEMENT: Encourage students to develop relationships with local nonprofits and serve consistently rather than just a one time thing to to check a box. This allows the students to see the fruits of their labor over the course of time
  • CULTURE OF SERVICE: Have buy in from the top - schools with buy in from leadership down to the students encourages a culture of service
  • DAY OF SERVICE: Offer a day of service on your campus or in your district where students have a variety of service projects to choose from on campus
How to create a day of service:

Allen High School educators understood there was as gap in student development because of the pandemic. They needed a solution for re-engaging students in service to help them heal from the pandemic and gain back those valuable developmental opportunities. Their solution? Host a day of service on campus where students had a variety of service projects to choose from.

Want to learn how they did it? Or recreate it at your school? Click below for an on-demand webinar and download this tips sheet for recreating a day of service at your school! 

Learn How Allen High School Created Their Day of Service &
See the Positive Student Outcomes

Leveraging Experiences & Personal Development
x2VOL is here to support educators and students by providing an all-in-one tracking platform where students can find opportunities, track their hours and experiences, write reflections to experience meaningful growth, and leverage those experiences. 

Click below to learn more about x2VOL or get in contact with our team.

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