Are Your Students' Service Hours Legit? Value of Hour Verification

Posted by x2VOL on May 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

x2VOL's Verification Process

When logging and recording service hours served by students, it's vital for admins to have confidence that the hours were completed as stated, not falsified and ultimately accurate. Not only does acceptance into clubs and groups depend on students completing a specific number of hours, but, many times, it's a graduation requirement, a class grade and can impact scholarships as well as college admissions. 

Needless to say - a lot depends on student service hour accuracy. That's where x2VOL comes in.  

As the leading digital service tracking platform in K-12 education, x2VOL prioritizes the accuracy of hours students are recording in the platform. 

Service Hour Verification

x2VOL's verification process gives the admin full access to the student's claimed hours creating the ability to audit if the student actually completed what they claimed. x2VOL's verification and approval process has a number of elements for a comprehensive and easy to do procedure:

1) Once the student submits service hours, x2VOL automatically emails or texts, the third party that hosted the service project to confirm that the student did or did not complete the claimed hours. The coordinator can verify, modify or deny the student did the hours. 

2) The admins then have has full access to what the student reported as well as the service coordinator's contact information should they want to personally follow up or randomly audit the student's service experience. 

3) Admins can approve the hours if they are legitimate or deny or partially approve the hours and leave a comment if they suspect the hours are falsified or don't include the necessary elements.

4) The student cannot edit their submitted service hours to change the service project hosts' contact information. One it's submitted, it's locked in - so the contact information must be real and correct the first time it's entered. 

These methods are intentional and are not easily manipulated. Geotagging or signing a screen are nice additions but are unreliable forms of verification that are easily falsified. 

The elements x2VOL puts into place with a number of other features, such as uploading photos and videos of their experiences, give full access to administrators in schools to audit what their student submits and it encourages the student to simply do their service hours knowing falsifying their work isn't an option.

Going digital with service hour tracking not only streamlines the hour tracking and reporting process, but also provides a service hour verification process like the one above that makes reporting efficient, reliable and accurate. 

Want to learn more about how x2VOL can help track hours at your school?

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