Diversify Your Community Service Experience

Posted by x2VOL on Oct 14, 2015 3:48:40 PM

 When looking for a place to volunteer, a student is probably interested in something familiar. While there is value in serving at the same place for a long period of time, it is also important for students to diversify their volunteer experiences.

Benefits to diversifying your volunteer experience include:

- discovering new passions or areas of interest

- getting to know new parts of your community

- engaging with others that are different from yourself

- building confidence in trying new things

Students start green. Help them add more colors. Provide
students with direct and indirect opportunities, allowing them to be not only participants but also observers or attendees, so they can be exposed to diverse ideas, cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic environments. The strength of a society is its diversity, and this is often gained through voluntary exposure.

x2VOL allows you to find and post diverse community service and service learning opportunites to students and retrieve data on where students are serving in their community. 

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