E-Guide: The Simple Way to Track Work-Based Learning, Service, & More

Posted by x2VOL on Jun 15, 2021 2:53:48 PM

The Simple Way to Track Service, Work-Based Learning, and More: An E-Guide by x2VOL

Does your school recognize or require service? Have a work-based learning or internship requirement? Or maybe a Career and Technical Education program? The process to track, manage, and report on, those programs can be time-consuming. 

These programs ensure students are able to expand their worldview and develop socially and emotionally. They are vital in creating well-rounded students. However, managing these programs and ensuring they are successful can be a challenge. That's why an easy way to track and manage student progress is vital! 

In our new E-Guide, we dive into service, work-based learning, and internship programs to share more about:

  • The Benefits: of service, work-based learning, and CTE
  • The Importance: of tracking and reflecting on these experiences
  • The Challenges: of tracking and managing hours and experiences
  • The Solution: for managing these programs at your school


Topics: service tracking, work-based learning, CTE, internship tracking, online service tracking

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