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Posted by x2VOL on Apr 11, 2018 3:51:48 PM

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The semester is coming to a close and will be over before you know it! Along with finals, graduation prep and standardized testing, it's also the time to wrap up organizing and reporting on your students' volunteer hours in x2VOL and start preparing for the fall. 

Get started now and get ahead of the game. Follow these x2VOL end of school year best practices and make your job and life that much easier. 

Best x2VOL Practices:

  • Set a strict deadline for students to submit their hours
  • Remind students to log in add hours and ask questions in advance to ensure their hours have enough time to be verified and approved 
  • Encourage students to update their accounts/profile sooner rather than later if any updates need to be made
  • Set weekly reminders on your calendar to approve submitted hours so they don't pile up
  • If service is a graduation requirement - ensure your seniors have met the requirement and remind those that have not submitted hours to do so immediately
  • Run a report in the report tab to see which students still need to submit hours. To learn how to pull a report click here
  • Use the bulletin board feature in x2VOL to remind students about updates or reminders
  • Set up Groups and Goals for the 2018-2019 schools year. Reminder: you must create the new "Class of 2022" group of incoming Freshmen
  • Add summer volunteer experiences to the opportunities tab
  • Delete staff users who are no longer using x2VOL and add new ones 
  • Have any questions or need help trouble shooting? Contact our support team at support@intellivol.com or call 866.906.6400

Don't let end of the year tasks add up. Take control of your to do list and make the transition into summer break as smooth as possible. 

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