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Posted by x2VOL on Jul 7, 2015 4:29:00 PM
Learn more about how Fairfax County Public Schools leverages x2VOL to track, manage, and report on student service. Service learning is an integral part of a student's education in FCPS and x2VOL comes alongside the district to make tracking and reporting on service learning easy for administrators and students.
“In our student learning plan, students set personal, career and academic goals. They do career exploration, they are looking at building a resume. They think about their courses for high school while they are in middle school. They act on those courses and adjust and update as they go through high school. So service learning really is a very important part of that to help kids decide and determine where they want to be after they graduate,” informs Project Manager of Student Learning Plan, Lynette Harris.  


Accessed through FCPS 24/7 Learning, x2VOL is found in Family Connection and is an important part of a child’s student learning plan. “We provide a connection to the community. We also provide a way for the school administrators to track the hours the students are serving. Overall, it provides the authentication and verification for students to meet the goals that they have for graduation,” says CEO of intelliVOL, Michele Pitman. While aimed at student service learning, teachers and parents benefit from x2VOL as well. Pitman adds, “Papers need to be filed and stored and kept onsite. They require file space and closet space. Now putting it into a digital format eliminates all of that, because everything is archived. But, it also saves a lot of time for the teachers. So something that may have taken 3 weeks to centralize and add up manually, is now at a click of a button.” 

Want to learn more about how x2VOL works? Click below to view a quick demo and reach out to our team with any questions. 

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