From Student to Employee: The Transformative Power of x2VOL

Posted by Kaylee Cooley on Jun 12, 2023 1:15:33 PM

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Before joining the National Honors Society in high school, the idea of volunteering and serving others rarely crossed my mind. As a young student-athlete, I believed I never had enough time in my schedule to engage in volunteer work. However, upon becoming a member of NHS, I was required to complete a certain number of volunteer hours. This compelled me to start volunteering within my school, and it didn't take long for me to contemplate participating in larger-scale projects.

I expressed my desire to volunteer with my family, and they wholeheartedly supported the idea. During the Christmas season, we volunteered at the Salvation Army in Fort Worth. Together, we wrapped presents and delivered meals. I cherish the memories of my dad teaching me his gift-wrapping expertise, and my brother and I engaging in a friendly competition to determine who could wrap a present the fastest. The greatest impact of this service project was witnessing the sheer joy on the faces of the mothers and fathers once their presents were wrapped. Knowing that I had played a part in making their Christmas memorable for them and their children filled me with an overwhelming sense of happiness.

This experience ignited a passion within me, compelling me to do even more. I dedicated more of my time to volunteering at my school and participated in a service project called The Big Event. It was during these experiences that I truly understood the profound significance of serving others. I firmly believe that all students should partake in acts of kindness, as it allows them to discover the transformative impact it can have on their own lives.

I discovered the value of x2VOL when it came to logging my volunteer hours for National Honors Society. Before using x2VOL, I vividly remember the challenging task of recording all my volunteer activities on a simple sheet of paper. Gathering signatures to verify my hours proved to be a cumbersome process that I struggled to keep up with.

However, everything changed when my school implemented x2VOL as the preferred method of documenting volunteer hours. Suddenly, the entire process became remarkably easy and streamlined. The burden of remembering to log my hours, obtaining signatures, and submitting them to my NHS leader was significantly reduced. One aspect that particularly stood out to me was the convenience of the x2VOL mobile app. Regardless of my location, I could effortlessly access the app on my phone to submit my volunteer hours or even explore exciting new opportunities.

Fast forward to my senior year in college, where I found myself eagerly seeking Marketing Internship opportunities. During my search, a job posting from none other than x2VOL caught my eye. Memories of my positive experience with their platform during my high school days flooded back. During the interview process, I made sure to mention my firsthand encounter with their product as a student. To my delight, I secured the role as an intern at x2VOL, and I have now been working with the company for approximately five months. It has truly been a remarkable journey, coming full-circle from being a student utilizing their platform to becoming an employee actively contributing to its success.

My personal story serves as a powerful testament to the profound impact that volunteering can have on students. It not only enables them to build a robust network but also opens unexpected doors of opportunity. By embracing volunteer work, students can forge connections and experiences that shape their lives in ways they might never have anticipated.

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