Why Service Transcripts Help Students on College Applications

Posted by x2VOL on Jul 15, 2015 11:40:00 AM

There are Academic Transcripts. And there are Service Transcripts. They complement each other to give a holistic view of each student. Together, they describe the person, his or her strengths, interests, achievement, motivations, commitments, goals, and potential. They give a complete picture of the student as a highly qualified candidate for scholarship or college entrance.

"Colleges favor students with a history of volunteerism with the hope that their commitment will enrich the college community, where there are limitless opportunities for involvement." (Alaimo, My Central Jersery,  2016)

Colleges and universities are interested in seeing certified service records, also known as Service Transcripts. 

"Admissions officers used to consider it a bonus to find community service work listed on a college application. Now it’s an expectation, with extra points for demonstrated levels of commitment and initiative." (Alaimo, My Central Jersery,  2016)

A volunteer service program, if managed correctly, will greatly improve a student’s chance to earn financial assistance, college acceptance, or even gainful employment whether or not college is involved.

x2VOL generates a Service Transcript (like the one below) of the student's logged activities with the ability to include service details and verified hours that the student can send to colleges and scholarship organizations along with their applications. This transcript makes it easy for admissions officers to see a student's service hours and reflections about their experiences. 



In this article and study published on Forbes, college admissions officers report that service positively impacts a student's college application. Admissions officers are looking for well-rounded students that will contribute positively to campus life, and community service does just that. 

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