Inside the Platform: How Does x2VOL Work?

Posted by x2VOL on Jul 15, 2015 12:28:00 PM
We've put together a 12-minute video to go inside x2VOL and give a basic overview of what the platform has to offer. We'll take a look at both the administrative side and the student view. It's helpful to see the features in action! 

As you're going through the video, you'll be able to visualize what setup your school might want to explore. Whenever a school or district subscribes, we always set up a web call to discuss some potential goal structures and guide you through the setup process. 


x2VOL works with schools across the nation to engage students in meaningful service to improve student outcomes. As the leading service tracking platform in K12, x2VOL can support your school and students!



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Work with your x2VOL Account Manager to set up your school or program's requirements.  As students work or serve they track hours and experiences toward goals and requirements Students can write and attach a reflection on what they learned to each experience.  Generate reports on student progress toward goals and requirements. 


x2VOL Benefits

x2VOL is the leading service tracking and reporting platform in K12 education. Students and administrators can easily manage service programs as well as WBL, CTE, and internship programs.

Service Leader Features:

  • Eliminate paper forms and archaic tracking processes
  • Establish service requirements
  • View reports on your students’ progress toward goals
  • Approve, deny, and partially approve hours
  • Post service opportunities for students and invite local nonprofits to post opportunities
  • Customizable reflection prompt for students

Student Volunteer Features:

  • Track hours toward service requirements
  • View progress toward your service goals
  • Write a reflection for each service hour entry
  • Get hours verified by 3rd parties
  • Order and send an Official Service Transcript™ to college
    admissions officers
  • Track hours on the go via the mobile app 











x2VOL is the leading service tracking platform in K-12...
but it also tracks:


Work-based learning


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