How Service Can Improve Student Motivation and Attitude

Posted by x2VOL on Apr 10, 2024 11:18:20 AM

How Service Can Improve Student Motivation (4)


Following the pandemic, students are facing increased mental health issues and anxiety. During lockdowns, social media became a lifeline to keep everyone connected, but now it is contributing to increased pressure and anxiety for students. Between social media, online shopping, AI, etc. - society has never been online more than right now. Additionally, even parts of education have even moved online as districts had to adapt to the changing education landscape during the pandemic.

There have been increased aftereffects of the pandemic on students that have decreased motivation. Educators are having a difficult time engaging students in the classroom let alone extracurriculars that help develop students outside of academics.

After the pandemic, educators have found difficulty motivating students who have experienced a sense of complacency. To help combat students falling behind in the classroom, encouraging them to participate in service can help them re-engage.

Encouraging students to engage in service can help them focus on something other than things going on in their own bubbles. This widened worldview helps students gain perspective effectively lowering stress and reconnecting with reality. Teachers have been struggling to re-engage students since the pandemic, and encouraging students to participate in service can give some relief.

According to the Mayo Clinic, research has shown that volunteering offers significant health benefits, including “Improving mental and physical health, provides a sense of purpose, bolster new and existing relationships”.

Community service has proven to:

  • Provide a sense of purpose
  • Widen world view
  • Improve positivity, create joy, and reduce stress
  • Bolster relationships and a sense of community
  • Increase personal development
  • Enhance social skills
  • Provide career exploration
  • Improve confidence

How to Support Student Growth

Whether your school’s service program is required, encouraged, through clubs, run through the counseling office, or managed through a theology and social studies class, x2VOL is here to support student growth.

With an online platform that manages student service in one location, students can find volunteer opportunities, keep track of their hours, AND most importantly, write reflections on their experiences to gain an understanding of its deeper impact.

Learn more about x2VOL:

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