Positive Impact of Service on College Acceptance [Infographic]

Posted by x2VOL on Mar 7, 2018 11:54:57 AM

College admissions officers look at more than  just grades and test scores when evaluating who they accept into their universities. They are wanting to have an in depth look of who the student is apart from the numbers behind their name. They want to know the student's personality, their interests, their passions and if they will be a positive addition to the university's campus life. 

One way college admissions officers are learning more about the student is through their service experience and reflections of that experience. In fact, a recent study conducted by IESD in October 2017 comprised of 10,000 private and public U.S. college and university college admissions officials, shows that service experience and reflections have a positive impact on college acceptance. 

Students using x2VOL can send their service experience and reflections directly to college admissions officers via the Official Service Transcript, an official report of the students high school service experience. 

Check out the infographic below to see what exactly college admissions officers are looking for when evaluating college applications. 

The Positive Impact of Community Service on College Acceptance - Infographic


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