How resisting technology becomes a barrier to success in schools

Posted by x2VOL on Jun 11, 2018 8:30:00 AM


Resistance to Change: How technology becomes a barrier to success in schools

Many secondary schools across the nation have been around for generations. Some are even over a century old. Their values and mission have been long established and so have many of their processes and procedures. 

While there's no use reinventing the wheel if something is working, this can sometimes be a driving factor to keep processes that, though they've been around for a long time, may not necessarily work with today's modern student and the way they operate and learn 

The ability to adapt and change with the times is an important element of success as a school. As technology develops and modes of learning adapt accordingly, there are different expectations, especially from a student's perspective.

This idea of adapting to modern technology especially plays a role in the execution of successful community service programs within schools. 

Many schools require students to do community service in one way or another, and even the ones that don't, still have students that go above and beyond to volunteer or are involved in clubs and groups that require service as a part of membership. 

Too many schools, however, have relied on a basic paper process of logging and tracking hours that students are serving. This process burdens the admins, overwhelms the students and doesn't easily display the impact each student has on their community.

Transitioning to a digital program connects with the way the students work and takes the burden of endless paperwork off of the admins. It opens up admins and teachers to have more free time to connect with and encourage students and it complies with 21st Century Strategic Initiatives set forth by many schools nationwide. 

With a digital tracking process, students are more invigorated and excited to track and measure their hours and community impact because they are using a platform that they understand and is as digital as they are. Students are able to serve their communities and as a result, grow in their maturity and awareness of the world around them. 


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