Service Extremes

Posted by x2VOL on Apr 17, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Service Extremes

Let's be honest. Not all students want to serve others.

It's "inconvenient." "Boring." They just want to meet the minimum requirement and get it over with. Check the box. Done.

Some are willing to risk the consequences of falsifying hours and forging signatures. They put a lot of effort into avoiding it altogether. Who cares?

No matter how inspiring a service director is and no matter how diverse the opportunities are some students just aren't interested. Aren't motivated. Aren't willing to participate. And it shows in their attitude toward others and themselves.

What about the other extreme. The students who serve all the time. It's natural. It's an extension of who they are and who they want to be. They exceed goals by a longshot. They keep track of what they do but they don't expect recognition. They are doing what they love to do. And it shows in their attitude toward others and themselves.

Consider pairing these extremes. Attempt to create a balance. An understanding on both sides.

"WHY do you serve others so much?"

"Why don't YOU like to volunteer?"

At a minimum it will be an interesting conversation. At best, they will change each other's hearts.

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