Spring Break Volunteer Ideas for Students

Posted by x2VOL on Feb 28, 2023 4:22:52 PM

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As Spring Break approaches, now is a great time for students to start brainstorming how to fulfill their volunteer hours during the break. This is a perfect opportunity for students to use the time off from school to engage with their communities.

Having trouble figuring out how to serve your community? Check out some ideas we’ve collected for spring break service:

Collect Food for A Food Pantry

Especially after the pandemic, food pantries are still needing help feeding people. You can volunteer with your local food pantry to collect canned goods, package and hand out food, and stock shelves.

Serve Your Neighborhood

A great way to serve your community is to ask your neighbors how you can help. You can offer free services like lawnmowing, gardening/weeding, raking leaves, walking the dogs, and other things they may need help with!

Serve Your Local Library

Many libraries have volunteer reading programs that you can participate in to read to children. You could also donate your old books to the library or offer to stock and re-organize shelves. Contact your local library to see what kind of volunteer opportunities they offer.

Environmental Engagement

Help keep your community beautiful by going to parks, neighborhoods, beaches, and hiking trails and picking up trash. Or lead outdoor tours or activities for students. If you want to increase your impact, you can contact environmental nonprofits to participate in their events.

Volunteer At an Animal Shelter

If you love pets, helping your local animal shelter is a great way to incorporate something you love into a volunteer service. Volunteer activities can include playing with pets, cleaning cages, feeding, brushing, and answering phones. Contact an animal shelter near you to learn about what opportunities they have!

Opportunities in x2VOL

Don't forget to check out the Opportunities section in your x2VOL account for additional service projects. You can search for service projects posted by your school and local nonprofit organizations. Simply log in and navigate to the Opportunities section.

What Do I Do When I'm Done Serving? 

Be sure to log your hours in your x2VOL account and write reflections on your experience. Does your school not have x2VOL? Not to worry. You can sign up for x2VOL+ and track your hours individually. It's easy - learn more about x2VOL+ and start tracking your service hours today. 

Are You A Service Leader At Your School?

If you are a service leader or admin at your school and you'd like to bring x2VOL to your school, feel free to request pricing or watch our 1-minute demo below.

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