Spring Cleaning Your Way to Success

Posted by x2VOL on May 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Spring cleaning is not (and shouldn’t be) reserved for the household. Every now and then, things start to pile up at school, your extra-curricular activities, and perhaps your part-time job. Spring cleaning is about refocusing and recharging. It’s about getting rid of excess and bringing in new strategies to promote success.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your commitments, maybe it’s time to spring clean your schedule. Pick a day and set aside some time to look at your calendar. Evaluate. What’s working with your schedule? What isn’t? What are you missing?

Figure out what is a real commitment and what isn’t.

A real commitment is tied to something you’re deeply invested in, like practices or club meetings. These are things you can’t drop because you would be letting go of a big part of your life. If something isn’t as appealing as it once was, consider cutting it from your schedule

Ask yourself if you’re involved in the right things.

Are you pursuing your passions? Are you giving yourself time to enjoy your passions? If you’re passionate about something, you should immerse yourself in it. You should also consider volunteering with an organization that promotes your passion.

Reorganize your time.

Think about how you spend your day. How much time are you giving to social media and Netflix. There are numerous time traps, and as new features and apps are introduced, those traps are becoming increasingly attractive. Be conscious about where your time goes. Track it sometime. You might be surprised.


Maybe you just need a break from everything you do. That is okay. People need to relax. It’s good for us. When you step back from your busy life and take a break, you can come back full force- reenergized and ready to hit the ground running.


This Spring take some time to focus on you.


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