What Parents Need to Know About x2VOL

Posted by x2VOL on Feb 25, 2016 1:38:54 PM


 So, your student has an x2VOL account. Do not be stressed; it’s a good thing.

At its simplest, x2VOL helps keep track of your student’s volunteer hours. When they need to apply for a job or college, they can refer back to their account where their hours have been diligently noted.

What does a student do on x2VOL exactly?

  • Search for local volunteer opportunities
  • Record service hours
  •  Receive approval/denial of service hours by school administrator
  •   Print service transcript

How can you help?

While it is important for the student to keep track of his or her account, you can actively ensure success for your student.

Here’s how:

  • After your student goes to a volunteer event, remind them to submit the hours on x2VOL. The volunteer experience is fresh on their mind and that’s the best time to complete an hour entry form.
  •  Prompt reflection. When a student submits an entry, he or she needs to write a reflection about the service experience. Make sure your student is being mindful of his or her responses.
  • Be aware of your student’s service goal and progress. Deadlines are like meteoroids; they come out of nowhere sometimes, especially for students who live on a planet of continuous due dates. At some schools, completing a service goal is required for graduation. With graduation at stake, this is one deadline you want to have glued to your memory. If you’ve noticed your student’s volunteer drive has come to a premature stop, give their volunteer wheels some momentum so they can reach the finish line.
  • Start conversations about what is going on in the community and how your student might want to get involved. Search for opportunities through x2VOL to see if there are any events nearby.

If you or your student need assistance with x2VOL feel free to contact our team at support@intelliVOL.com. If needed we can also direct you to who is in charge of the service program at your school. 


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