Add Diversity in Service Hours Opportunities

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Diversity is something we value. At its core, diverse means different than what we know. The familiar becomes mundane. Introducing diversity spices things up, creates a change of pace, and teaches us how to adapt. We want our students to experience diversity because our world is diverse. We want to grow adept individuals who succeed in whatever environment they encounter.

Schools create diversity in various ways- in their student body, in their faculty and stuff, in the classes they offer, in field trips, and the list goes on. Students get a sense of what diversity means. Schools may think that the extent of introducing diversity to students is limited to school hours- not so. An important part of many schools’ curriculum is the community service program. Service hours are done on the student’s time, outside of school. Schools often take it upon themselves to offer volunteer opportunities to students. This is great because students sometimes don’t know where to look and any help is appreciated.

When you offer volunteer opportunities, make sure they are diverse. Posting school-sponsored opportunities is opening the door of volunteerism to the students. Don’t stop there. Open the door wide by offering a variety of opportunities not necessarily limited to the school setting. Searching for these diverse opportunities may sound time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. Some teachers are very involved in the community or even a civic organization. Reach out to your teachers and invite them to post opportunities to your students as well. You can invite nonprofit organizations to post opportunities too.

By offering numerous and diverse opportunities, you increase your chances of connecting your students with one of their passions. Combining passion and volunteering is the golden ticket.

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