Make Your Service Tracking Program Accessible

Posted by x2VOL on Aug 5, 2015 4:10:29 PM

Administrators, parents, and students need direct and quick access to the student's volunteer history. Volunteer history can be neatly tucked away in a binder, tucked away in cabinet, tucked away at the corner of the oom. Or, it can be out in the open, easily seen for all. We suggest the latter.

Students and parents need direct access to the student's service hours for several reasons. It can be used for scholarship applications and job applications. It enables parents to check on their child's progress and accountability.

It allows school adminstrators to provide follow-up and encouragement as well as find more diverse opportunities for the student. 





As the service is being performed, it is important to be able to access and review all information as it is recorded to see if there are any holes or action items to make the records complete. This will help when a college recruiter or scholarship sponsor wants a profile on a particular student. You shouldn't need to scramble for paperwork or try to sqeeze in comments on an Excel form- if indeed you can review reflections and descriptions for each individual student.

 x2VOL provides public and private schools solutions for centralizing their service programs. With our platform school admin make their community service tracking digital.

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