Top 3 Service Program Challenges

Posted by Michele Pitman on Sep 24, 2015 9:12:00 AM


Service Programs vary in many ways. Many public schools and districts recognize students for their service to the community during graduation. Many private schools require service each semester or each year. Although they vary, there are service program challenges that every school faces at one time or another.


1. Identifying a Service Champion.

Finding someone to lead the service program is one of the biggest challenges. It’s hard work and not very glamorous at times. Service Leaders don’t take on this role for recognition. They are the epitome of who we want students to be. Humble, passionate, tireless, driven, just and full of mercy. They are selfless. And they want students to experience the type of service that directly impacts others. Whether it is a Service Director, Student Engagement Leader or Principal, finding someone who will commit to service and drive a program forward is one of the biggest challenges. It’s easy to say that your school believes in service but finding a dedicated leader who embodies the importance of service can be difficult. When you find that person, hold on to them! Their impact will reach into the future in ways that may never be tracked.


2. Providing Diverse Opportunities.

Students are seeking opportunities to grow and make an impact on others. In the beginning, they don’t realize how they, themselves, will be impacted. The transformation can be subtle or it can be immediate. Providing a wide range of opportunities gives students the ability to explore organizations and opportunities that they may never have considered.


3. Tracking and Reporting Service Hours

Students and service leaders dread losing papers, forgetting signatures and waiting until after deadlines to run reports. When almost every other process is digital, tracking and reporting service hours is still paper-based in many schools. Online service tracking and reporting is easy, verifiable, centralized and mobile. Service Transcripts turn the hours into a meaningful representation of the student and what they do outside of academics.

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