Top 5 Points of Communication for Student Service & Volunteering

Posted by x2VOL on Jul 28, 2015 3:27:00 PM

Let’s think like a student. 

When a student is looking for a book, he isn’t going to go the cafeteria- unless there’s such a thing as a libra-teria and your school has it (in which case… you probably can’t relate to this analogy). No, the student will go to the library to find the book he needs. Similarly, when the student looks for communtiy service, he needs to have a destination in mind.

Students need a community service destination.

Once you create this community service destination, make it thrive. Use this place to communicate important messages. Answer questions.



Here arethings to communicate to your students:


1. Your Service Requirement 

This seems like a no-brainer. But, repetition doesn’t hurt. Don’t let “I didn’t know how many service hours we had to complete” be an excuse for your students.


2. What counts as service?

Babysitting might not count as service at your school. Stop those entries from coming your way ahead of time. If you provide students with clear, concise  community service requirements, you will save yourself and your students from encountering miscommunication.


3. Reminders

Send a quick note to students when an event is coming up. They lead busy lives. Reminders help.


 4. What volunteer opportunities are available?

You might be more familiar with volunteer events in your community or at the school.  When you post these opportunities to students, they are more likely to attend. Offering an array of activities encourages students to widen their volunteer spectrum. Students learn more about different roles in the community and, inevitably, they learn more about themselves.


 5Contact Information

 Students might have questions about a service opportunity and they need to know who they can call.


Communication is a critical vein to keep your volunteer program pumping. Maintaining your students in the know can keep your volunteer program at a healthy rhythm. Make your communication about volunteering- clear-cut, direct, and accessible. 

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