Measure Impact Beyond the Number of Service Hours

Posted by x2VOL on Aug 12, 2015 2:15:56 PM

All too often, a school officials think that the number of service hours reported is an indication of a student's success in volunteer community programs. While this is part of the evaluation, it is far from complete. The experience has an impact on the student's growth as well as on the school and community. Transformation takes place. Things change. People change. And society is better for those changes. 

The impact each student has on the community needs to be captured through the observations and comments by the student, teacher, counselor, administrator, sponsor, parent, and any other person of interest in a community service project. This is the best way to measure its impact and total value. This is the information which will make a student stand out for college or scholarship recognition. 



                                                        How do you measure impact?

                                        A number may be the tiniest piece of the pie

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